But Netflix continues to lean into originals while providing a range of licensed TV shows and movies. Its interface makes it easy to sift through content based on genre, popularity or age. Disney Plus currently offers over 100 titles in 4K, from iconic classics (The Lion King, X-Men) to modern favorites and Original series. And, as 4K becomes an integral feature of smart TVs, supported by myriad media streaming devices, we’ll only see the amount of Disney Plus 4K content increase.

Plus, its $7.99 price is hard to argue with, especially now that Disney keeps adding new movies and shows. Disney Plus may have a huge film library, but its biggest victories have been in new shows.

Does Disney Plus have an ad-supported plan?

The Disney Plus Bundle offers you full access to all three streaming platforms in one simple plan. You can choose different versions of the Bundle depending on whether you want a cheaper ad-supported experience or an ad-free version of all three. Mix and match between these three incredible streaming platforms to watch the latest sports, movies, and TV shows all in one place. With a starting price of $7.99 per month for the new ad-supported plan, Disney Plus still reigns as one of the more affordable streaming services, especially when you consider bang for your buck. Nonetheless, recent price increases have sent people back to the internet for answers.

Does it Make Sense to Use Genie+ with Park Hopper?

And perhaps more important for Disney’s purposes is Hulu with Live TV which, as the name implies, gets you live television alongside all that other content. You can now get the Disney Plus bundle with Hulu + Live TV, which allows you to watch current Disney Channel shows — and tons more channels — along with legacy shows and older seasons on Disney Plus. Anything and everything that falls under the Disney umbrella — and make no mistake, it is a huge umbrella — will eventually go through the Disney Plus app, on whatever platform you wish to watch it on. Another great thing about Disney Plus is that it is ridiculously easy to sign up for the service, whether you’re at your desktop computer or on the go with your phone.

Walt Disney World

Read more about Disneyplus.com begin here. The strategy has paid off by building anticipation for the next weekly installment. Invested viewers keep up with their favorite shows’ schedules and tune in to see if their fan theories are valid. Disney Plus rises to the top with its family-friendly stable of movies and shows.

The cost will be $8 a month, replacing the previous basic Disney+ plan. Since the Disney/Fox content that’s deemed too adult for Disney Plus will go to Hulu, this bundle ensures that you’ll be able to watch all the content under Disney’s big umbrella. You’ll also be able to watch all the sports on ESPN Plus like UFC fighting. As you know, the middle of the day is the absolute worst time to try to ride attractions, and wait times can double from where they are in the morning or the evening. That’s why we recommend going back to your resort hotel and relaxing for a few hours by the pool or taking a nap in the room. We know you probably hate studying as much as we do, but watching wait times across the parks could actually come in useful when your trip arrives.